Henry Wootton

Henry Wootton, a former sea-captain, was acting as Victoria's Harbour Master when he was also appointed as Postmaster on the 23rd October 1861. About a week later the Victoria Post Office was moved from Government Street to the Harbour Master's offive on the west side of Wharf Street near Broughton Street.

Wootton was actually in charge of postal activities on Vancouver Island until the amalgamation of the colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia in 1866. In the united colony he acted as a sort of Deputy Postmaster-General for the island. He was paid $500 per annum for his postal duties and continued as Harbour Master. In 1862 John L. Buckley was appointed assistant to the Postmaster at $1,455 per annum.

After Confederation, Wootton was confirmed as Postmaster at an annual salary of $2000. He died 25 December 1875 and he was replaced by Robert Wallace.

The Post Office was moved from the Harbour Master's Office late in 1862 further north on the west side of Wharf Street, near Bastion. In 1867 it was again moved, to the old location on Government Street.